Co-Crystallization: Approaches, Characterization and Applications in Drug Delivery

Published: November 10, 2022


  • Sayali T. Patil
  • Monika S. Mane
  • Kshitija S. Desai
  • Satyajeet R. Jagdale
  • Pankaj A. Jadhav
  • Harshada A. Patil
crystal engineering; co-crystals; co-formers; poorly water-soluble; Dissolution enhancement; hydrogen bonding.


Co-crystals play a significant role in the pharmaceutical sector. Medicinal co crystals are multicomponent systems with at least one active therapeutic ingredient and the rest of the constituents being pharmaceutically acceptable. Co crystallization of a medicinal material with a coformer is a potential and growing method for improving pharmaceutical performance in areas such as solubility, dissolution profile, pharmacokinetics, and stability.. A key barrier to developing novel API compounds is poor bioavailability and water solubility, which can limit the effectiveness of new drugs or prevent their approval for the market. In terms of the significant enhancement in solubility profiles compared to the single- active pharmaceutical ingredients, co-crystals provide a distinct and competitive edge over other traditional approaches.


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Sayali T. Patil, Monika S. Mane, Kshitija S. Desai, Satyajeet R. Jagdale, Pankaj A. Jadhav and Harshada A. Patil. Co-Crystallization: Approaches, Characterization and Applications in Drug Delivery. J. Pharm. Technol. Res. Manag.. 2022, 10, 141-149
Co-Crystallization: Approaches, Characterization and Applications in Drug Delivery

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