Responsibility of the Reviewer (s)

Peer review and reviewers are crucial to the publishing process, it validates an author’s research to confirm its suitability for publication.

The “Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology, Research and Management” is a single-blind, peer-reviewed journal where the editor (s) mediate with the reviewer (s) and author. The reviewer (s) are subject experts assigned by the editor to judge the quality, importance, and scientific contribution of the submitted research article.

Reviewing process should be complete within the defined time limit without any biasing, it is a professional responsibility of the researcher. If review is not possible within given time frame you can ask the editor for an extension of time.

Your expert comments are supposed to be submitted through the online process. Please check all required documents (text material, figures, rough data, etc.) which you need to give your feedback. If anything is missing please ask to the editor only.

Please read more about the reviewers’ responsibilities by downloading the ethical guidelines.


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