A Comprehensive Review on Therapeutic Potential of Benzimidazole: A Miracle Scaffold


  • Ritchu Babbar Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Punjab-140401, India
  • Swikriti Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Akal College of Pharmacy and Technical Education, Mastuana Sahib, Sangrur-148001, India
  • Sandeep Arora Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Punjab-140401, India




Benzimidazole, Mannich base, Schiff base, Antifungal activity, Anti-inflammatory activity, Anticancer activity


Background: Benzimidazole is a category of heterocyclic aromatic compounds formed from the fusion of six membered benzene with five membered imidazolering. The moiety possesses diverse biological and clinical applications. A number of studies have shown that a varied substituent around the benzimidazole nucleus results in pharmacologically active compounds of therapeutic interest.
Purpose: Owing to its number of pharmacological properties, this moiety is of choice of interest in designing and synthesis of new therapeutic compounds. The existence of the benzimidazole core in numerous groups of biological agents like antimicrobial, antiviral, antiparasitic, antihypertensive, anticancer, CNS stimulant as well as depressants has made important scaffold for development of many newer therapeutic agents. There is utmost need to understand the synthesis and associated role of benzimidazole derived compounds in different diseases. Therefore, in the present review, we attempt to discuss various derivatives of benzimidazole nucleus with different pharmacological activities.
Conclusion: Benzimidazoles have played a great role in discovery of drug and development. Huge attempt has been made towards benzimidazole heterocyclic-based organic compounds with great excellence that resulted in drugs with enormous biological activity. Therapeutic drugs containing benzimidazole nucleus are used in building drugs that serve to be an active area of research. This article becomes a source that will lead to discovery of new opportunities for all researchers interested in benzimidazole-based heterocyclic medicinal chemistry.


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