Inhibition of Formalin Induced Paw Edema in Rats by Various Fractions/Extracts of Bryophyllum pinnatum

  • R. K. Gupta Babu Banarsi Das National Institute of Technology and management, Lukhnow-227108, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • M. Lohani Department of Biotechnology, Integral University, Kursi Road, Lucknow, India
  • R. Vishwakarma Arya Collage of Pharmac, RIICO Industrial Area, Kucas, Jaipur-302028, Rajasthan, India
Keywords: Anti-inflammatory, Formalin, Bryophyllum, pinnatum


Traditionally, Bryophyllum pinnatum is used in the management of arthritis and inflammatory diseases. However, B. pinnatum has not been analysed previously for anti-inflammatory activity. Hence, this study is designed to determine the anti-inflammatory effects of various fractions of B. pinnatum leaf extract using rat model of formalin-induced paw edema. Treatment with various fractions showed marked decrease in formalin-induced paw volume and edema in rats. The results of BPAAF treatment were comparable to standard drug, diclofenac. These results indicate that B. pinnatum could be developed as ant-inflammatory drug after further studies.


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R. K. Gupta, M. Lohani, & R. Vishwakarma. (2019). Inhibition of Formalin Induced Paw Edema in Rats by Various Fractions/Extracts of Bryophyllum pinnatum. Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology, Research and Management, 7(2), 63-66.