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Systemic Review: Sexual Dysfunction in Women with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Mr. Ravinder Kumar, Diksha Gera, Govind Arora, Ms. Pratima K. Syal


Diabetes; hyperglycaemia; sexual dysfunction

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Diabetes would not just have a high blood glucose level in the individual body, yet these days diabetes likewise goes with numerous other organic issues like hypertension, feeble the myocardial layer working, sexual broke, and so on. These are some real issue which is these days joined by diabetes to a person’s body. Guys are for the most part being determined to have the sexual broke issue, guys, as well as experience a sexual broke issue. As similarly we may see less clinical examinations, including sexual broke issues looked for the sort two diabetic ladies. The primary goal of this article is to illuminate the situation that females proceed with much trouble with regards to the sexual broke Complication that might be physiological or neurotic if there should arise an occurrence of sorting two diabetes in ladies. It chiefly involves the useful extent of females like sexual drive, excitement, vaginal grease, Orgasm and general fulfilment space. Talking about the treatmentaccess of the ailment in the analytic way for it, Diabetes essentially hinders the sexual execution of Diabetic Women. Determinants of sexual ability incorporate age and extent of diabetes.


Diabetes mellitus is the most frequently occurring chronic disease worldwide and is characterized by hyperglycaemia. It is known to rise speedily with over 550 million to be affected by 2030 [1] among all the countries in the world. The prevalence of the disease is also rising with agrowing population, aging, urbanization, physical inactivity and obesity, which will further worsen the situation of disease [2]. In diabetes mellitus is an outcome of impaired metabolism of fats, lipids, carbohydrates and proteins as well. It is found to be responsible for several organfailurelike renal failure, heart failure, and sexual dysfunction[3]. However, most of the patients with diabetes die due to cardiovascular diseases like stroke. It occurs at a stage when diabetes becomes chronic. Diabetes Mellitusacting an imperative role in the pathogenesis of sexual dysfunction among both females and males. Many studies have been accomplish to study sexual dysfunction in diabetic males, but there are lesser data available in diabetic females due to a number of reasons like a small sample size. According to a study conducted by Pontiroli et al. [4] and Enzlin et al. [5] The prevalence rate for females lies between 25-71% and 27% respectively. Moreover, large epidemiological studies suggested that the prevalence of sexual dysfunction ranges from 40-60% with higher rates found in postmenopausal women. There are many factors that are responsible for the etiology of sexual dysfunction among females such as neurological, psychological as well as vascular factors [6-10]. Although, the data available for neurological factors areless. Yet some neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis, lumbar radiculopathy etc. Can result in dysfunction of female genital organs [7-10].

The most common and the most useful observation is the Prevalence of diabetes in Asia people mainly it lowers the BMI of the diabetic people.

The main reason is that the Asians are recorded as the most prominent race by the IOTF to be prone to the diabetic nature due to the high adiposity content.

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Diabetes mellitus is a leading public health concern across worldwide, which are growing at a faster rate affecting half of the population due to age, urbanization, physical inactivity, obesity, etc. Diabetes also affects the cardiovascular system, psychological and sexual dysfunction to a great extent. The prevalence rate of erectile dysfunction approaches to 50% among males, but the data for females are less conclusive due to a small sample size. There are many risk factors that are responsible for sexual impairment in females out of which psychological issues are considered to be as the main determinant of female sexual dysfunction. Depression plays a major role in the pathogenesis of FSD and interpersonal relationships and may result in poor quality of life.Recent studies indicate that diabetic women are at higher risk for developing sexual dysfunction as compared to women without diabetes. The adoption of a healthy lifestyle and exercise can help in preventing and treating these disorders and also lowering the burden of chronic diseases. However, depression can be treated with some antidepressants. By adopting all of these can help improve sexual activity and well being of an individual.

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