J. Pharm. Technol. Res. Manag.

A Review on Medication Errors

Madhaw Dwivedi, Amit Sharma , Sandeep Arora

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Literature Review, Medication Errors, Prescribing Errors, Omission Errors, Wrong Time Errors, Unauthorized Drug Errors, Improper Dose Error, Wrong Dosage Form Errors, Wrong Drug Preparation Errors

PUBLISHED DATE November 2015
PUBLISHER The author(s) 2015. This article is published with open access at www.chitkara.edu. in/publications

Role of clinical pharmacist is to provide optimal pharmaceutical care for individual patients and optimal pharmaceutical care is attained when the right drug in the correct dosage and quality reaches the right patients at the right point in time with the right information. Any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm during medication to user is called medicational error and is in the control of the health care professional, patient and consumer. In this review on medication errors, prescr-ibing errors (67 %), administration errors (25%), dispensing errors (08%) were found on the basis of review of literature.Prescribing errors are the prime cause of MEs that further leads to subsequent dispensing and administration errors. Medication errors are common cause of adverse drug events or subtherapeutic outcomes of pharmaceutical care.

Page(s) 89–96
URL http://dspace.chitkara.edu.in/jspui/bitstream/1/662/3/01_JPTRM_Madhaw.pdf
ISSN Print : 2321-2217, Online : 2321-2225
DOI https://doi.org/10.15415/jptrm.2015.32007
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